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As founder and host of the annual Worship of God conferences at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, David Hampton has spent countless hours over the years helping many worship and arts staff members from numerous churches think through the "why" behind the "what" in their respective worship/arts paradigms.

David has a passionate, disarming, and somewhat humorous approach to helping worship staff members think through the many hurdles and challenges involved in perfecting the praises of God’s people through music and the arts.

David is now offering a unique opportunity to churches and worship leaders everywhere entitled Worship Focus.

Worship Focus is...

- A more efficient way to help you, your staff, teams, and leadership get on the same page with safe and open dialogue without the cost and logistical challenges of getting everyone to a conference that may or may not address your unique and specific needs.

- An opportunity to bring David Hampton into your own worship/arts paradigm for an intensive evaluation, brainstorming and consultation maximizing the creative potential that every church has regardless of size, denomination, and “style”.

- A time for you, your leadership and teams to interface with one another exploring with David your goals, dreams, vision, potential and pitfalls of your current paradigm.

- A safe environment addressing the personal, emotional, and spiritual dynamics of doing ministry.

- The opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about why we do what we do the way we do!

- Enlisting David’s experience as one of the Nashville area’s premier worship directors, award winning songwriters, and sixteen years on staff of one of the Nashville areas most influential worshipping communities.

- David helping you communicate your vision in a safe and nonthreatening way to your own volunteer base and leadership team. This may include optional musical rehearsal input by David as well as helping you shape your entire worship service flow.

- A favorable time in which any worship community can be enhanced, improved, and even reinvented.

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