I Wish We Had Danced

This address chronicles the emotional journey of a husband dealing with the lingering and ravaging illness of his wife who suffers with a progressive and debilitating form of MS. David shares his story from the perspective of a primary caregiver of a bedridden spouse, his role as the virtual single parent, and the tensions of the lonely, reclusive spouse who saw himself as the chief plate spinner in a circus of tragic proportions.

David recounts their journey and the toll that grief for those whom we have yet to completely lose takes on us. This session focuses on the honest regret, repentance, and redemption necessary in the health of all families but particularly those who find themselves in perpetual adversity. David’s stories of tears and laughter in an almost unbelievable season of life are played out against a backdrop of hope and purpose as he candidly shares his doubt, cynicism, fear, and ultimately the belief that God will show up in the midst of chaos; he just doesn’t always look like we think he will. Schedule David

Snapshots From God

This speech is most often delivered to a recovery oriented audience and focuses on the addiction aspects of David’s story. It is David’s personal story of his spiral into alcoholism while trying to maintain a high profile position in a Nashville area mega-church all the while becoming the primary caregiver to a wife with a debilitating case of MS. This speech explores the nature of addiction as it gradually unfolds in the life of a secret sufferer whose faith system had no categories in which to embrace the truth about his situation and desperate need for help. David’s stories are comprised of what he refers to as ‘snapshots’ - the things that God has pasted into the scrapbook of his memory from those years. Snapshots that serve as reminders of where he has been and the extent from which he has been rescued. His sometimes darkly humorous and often confounding story offers hope of a journey back to sobriety for those who struggle in the secret quandary of addictive behavior and the shame that stands between their present reality and the life that they were meant to live. Schedule David

Who Is Driving the Bus

In this segment David addresses from the first person perspective the enigma of what he calls, ‘Professional Christians’ (those in ministry and faith based professions who get paid to be ‘good’) and ‘burnout’. When our faith and professional pursuits become enmeshed and tested it often reveals a deep and longstanding spiritual bankruptcy in the very people whom at one time believed deeply in their message. Through personal experience, humor and story, this conversation explores the many ways persona, image, and the toll of isolation leave many of us to crash, burn, and start from scratch in the ash heaps reestablishing what it means to truly say, ‘Yes’ to God. The secrets of addiction and alienation are addressed as symptoms of the unspoken sicknesses that plague those of us who find ourselves making livings getting much more credit for our faith than we deserve (and often more blame than we deserve as well) leaving few safe places for us to turn with our private loneliness, public shame and empty reservoir of pain. Schedule David

The Art of Being

‘O God, whom saints and angels delight to worship in heaven: Be ever present with your servants who seek through art and music to perfect the praises offered by your people on earth; And grant to them even now glimpses of your beauty, and make them worthy at length to behold it unveiled for evermore; Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.’ (Book of Common Prayer #17. For Church Musicians and Artists) There are no legitimate distinctions between sacred and secular, real life and ‘other’ life. There is simply life. In a culture where many creative personalities in the church find themselves looking for the Mother Ship, this conversation challenges artists to flee a life of ‘doing’ and embrace a life of ‘being’. This session is geared to empower artists, musicians, writers, and creative souls of all pursuits reminding them that as artists they are communicators and are therefore powerful forces to be reckoned with in the culture. We are the stewards of truth and beauty. Schedule David

What Others are Saying...

"David tells his very personal story with transparency, humor and a genuine wrestling with God that enables care-givers - as well as those afflicted - to examine their own situations in a fresh way. His story engages the audience at a deep level and offers hope and practical help that moves them through grief to a place of greater peace and freedom in their circumstances."
-Barbara James, Former publishing Executive, Integrity Publishers

"It has been obvious to me for many years that God is on David Hampton's fingers at the piano. But, it was hearing him speak in front of the church this year where I realized the depth of his gift. It is not only in his hands but also in a vulnerable heart and a willing voice to share it. He is a true blessing!"
-Gordon Kennedy, Grammy winning songwriter/producer/recording artist

"Very few speakers can charm an audience as effectively as David Hampton. This guy approaches even difficult subjects with disarming humor and endearing self-disclosure. David's presence is inspiring, and he has a habit of saying things you will never forget."
-Nate Larkin, Speaker/Author

"Everyone has a story. Yet, when the glory of God's grace is portrayed against the backdrop of our fractured lives, the gospel shines bright. David has a story, but more than that, he has a Savior. You will be greatly encouraged!"
-Steve Green

"I have had the privilege of lecturing internationally for over two decades, and have encountered speakers of every variety of skill and capability. I became aware of David's message and talent for captivating audiences several years ago, and found him to be one of the more engaging speakers I have heard. Within the past year I have had the opportunity to include him as a co-speaker in presentations at national hospice conferences. David's message is compelling, and his delivery is skilled and remarkably effective. David is affable, insightful and humorous. He grips his audiences, carrying them through a variety of emotions from tears to laughter. At the end of his presentations, participants are impacted not only by the information and insight gained, but also find that their emotions have been touched and their thoughts changed. I can enthusiastically recommend David for your speaking needs, at conferences, retreats, church or civic functions."
-John Mulder, MD, Vice President of Medical Services, Faith Hospice, Grand Rapids, MI Director, Grand Rapids Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program


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